About Us

About Us

We Are:

  • Exclusively Golden Retriever Breeders
  • Premier Quality
  • Carefully Selective Breeders
  • AKC Registered – All of Our Goldens
  • Always Up-to-Date on Veterinary Care, De-Wormings, and Vaccinations

We Have:

  • European White Cream Goldens (often called English Cream)
  • Light Blonde Color Goldens
  • Traditional Caramel Color Goldens
  • Darker Auburn Color Goldens
  • Champion Bloodlines
  • Over 10 Years Breeding Experience

We Provide:

  • Free Microchip I.D. & Enrollment
  • Free Gifts with Purchase
  • 1-Year Health Guarantee
  • Licensed Veterinary Health Check
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Shipping Available to 48 U.S. States

About Our Puppies:

  • Healthy Parents, Clean Health History
  • Cuddly, Affectionate Temperaments
  • Great with Children and Families
  • AKC Registerable – Limited Reg. Only
  • Microchipped and Full-Enrollment
  • Up-to-Date on All Vaccinations
  • Up-to-Date on All Treatments

Notice to Breeders:

To breeders, those starting a breeding program, or needing stud services:

  • We sell Goldens only as companion animals and family pets (limited reg. only).
  • We do not have a spay or neutering contract.
  • We do not offer our male dogs for stud services.
  • We wish you the very best in your breeding program however, there are other breeders whose program is better suited for the purpose of selling breeding dogs to breeders. Thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Puppies.

Do you want to know what you get if you purchase a Golden Retriever puppy from us? Click Here, and thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Puppies!

We are different. We are not your typical puppy mill with a lot of dogs, and we do not have a large-scale breeding operation. There are many good Golden Retriever breeders out there and some, well… not so good. We sell champion bloodline puppies, which are some of the most beautiful, healthy, and compatible and well-temperamented dogs around. All of our dogs are purebred Golden Retrievers that are AKC registered and come with a money back guarantee. We choose the parents of the puppies very carefully to assure healthy, long-living, loyal, and loving pets that will bring you and your family many years of happiness and rewarding experiences.

Emery-n-Denise’s Golden-Puppies have years of experience with Golden Retrievers puppies. Our Golden Retriever puppies are quality purebred dogs that are not over priced, but are thoughtfully bred, carefully researched, well taken care of, and deeply loved. Likewise, we want to be assured that the new homes for these puppies will provide the same level of informed and responsible care within a loving environment. Therefore, we ask prospective buyers to look over our Purchase Agreement page. In there, you’ll find a list of Buyer’s responsibilities, Seller’s guarantee, and Supplemental Terms & Conditions we take very seriously. We think, and many seem to agree that Golden Retrievers are a special breed. All around, they define the phrase, “A man’s best friend is his dog.” They are loyal, obedient, and intelligent animals, unrivaled in the area of unconditional love for their owners.

A while back, we had an interesting experience with one of our vets who cares not only for our dogs, but for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dogs a year, of every kind of breed, size, and temperament. One of our vets is an older man in his 60s who has been treating dogs for more than 30 years. We had our Golden Retriever in for an annual check-up, and as the vet was examining our dog and administering routine treatments, he made the following comment: “You know, Golden Retrievers are really my favorite breed because they have the best personalities, and the best temperaments, and are easy to care for.” We tend to agree.

Golden Retrievers make the best pets and warmest friends for every age group including elderly persons looking for a loyal companion, young children enthralled with having a fuzzy doggie pet, and every age group in between. Goldens have been found extremely well-suited as service dogs for the blind, search and rescue operations, hunting dogs, and show dogs. Golden Retrievers are extremely smart and trainable animals. One web site says, “There is nothing on this Earth quite as magical as a Golden Retriever! … truly amazing and graceful breed.” Other sites here and here say that Golden Retrievers are, “the best breed of dogs ever,” and are the “perfect dog.” They are the third most commonly registered dog on AKC. They have often been used in movies, the circus, and stage performances because they are intelligent, trainable dogs, and just beautiful animals!

Note To Perspective Buyers:

If you are not ready to buy a puppy at this time but want us to contact you when one of our next litters arrive, please fill out our contact form by clicking on the “contact” tab to the right and then select, “email us.” Or if you prefer you can email us using this link: contact Emery-n-Denise. We are very excited about the upcoming litters because we have white cream, light blonde, traditional caramel, and the darker auburn color Goldenss coming up in our future litters. Thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Retriever puppies!

Feedback from our recent customers click here, Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk with you and answer your questions.

Our contact information is:
Emery & Denise
(417) 559-3305 Cell (talk or text)
(206) 203-3877 Fax

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Cream Litter Info

Current Litter:Nov 15, 2017
Ready Date:Jan 19, 2018
Next Litter:Feb 22, 2018
Ready Date:Apr 27, 2018

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Current Puppy Litter

Price:$1100 (1 available)
Deposit:$350 (current litter)

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Blonde Litter Info

Current Litter:Mar 3, 2018
Ready Date:May 4, 2018
Next Litter:Sept 2018
Ready Date:Nov 2018

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Previous Puppy Litter

Price:$1100-$1400 (coming)
Deposit:$100 (current litter)

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Caramel Litter Info

Current Litter:None
Ready Date:
Next Litter:Apr 2018
Ready Date:Jun 2018

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Previous Puppy Litter

Deposit:$100 (for next litter)

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Auburn Litter Info

Current Litter:Nov 27, 2017
Ready Date:Jan 26, 2018
Next Litter:June 2018
Ready Date:August 2018

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Current Puppy Litter

Price:$1100 (2 available)
Deposit:$350 (current litter)