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Any Day Now...

-Latest on Our Auburn Color Litters   /   Aug 28th, 2018   /   1 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
We have moved Miss Willow into the nursery and expect her to bring new life into this world any day now. We have the cigars ready (buggle gum) and we are sure to be proud. She is looking very good and very big. You mommas out there know this late in the game it can't happen soon enough, God bless her!

AUG 30TH UPDATE: Willow has stopped eating her food! No, that doesn't mean something's wrong, it means she is nearing delivery time! Yeah! Now after they are born, we will alert everyone, but we won't give specific details for a few days until we know all is well with her and the pups. We're excited!

SEPT 3RD UPDATE: False alarm on the no eating, because it just so happened during the next couple of days afterward she started eating regularly. So now we have begaun a daily record of her body temperature. Normal is 101-102 degrees F. When it drops to around 97, she will have the pups within 48 hours. Today she was at 101 degrees F. But we know it is going to be soon because she is very dialated, and she moves around a lot... in the whelping box out on the floor, back in, back out...etc. Today we took her on a little walk to get everything stimulated. Fo all of you that are anxiously waiting, just know that we are anxious too...

SEPT 4TH UPDATE: Today she was at 101 Degrees F 

SEPT 5TH UPDATE: Today she was at 102 Degrees F 

SEPT 6TH UPDATE: Today she was at 100 Degrees F 

SEPT 7TH UPDATE: Today she was 99 Degrees F 

SEPT 8TH UPDATE: Stay tuned for some exciting news... (please be patient for a few more days) 

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