Meet Our White Cream Puppy Icon White Cream Sire and Our
Light Blonde Puppy Icon Light Blonde Dam of our White Creamy Blonde Litters:

Creamy Blonde Golden Retriever Parents
The Creamy Blonde litters are from our European english cream sire and our American light blonde dam.
Their pups are all-white at birth and will become slightly blonde as adults. This combination gives the best of both European and American Goldens.

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English Cream Male Golden Retriever

"The Duke" (male) is one of our European White Cream Golden Retrievers that we acquired in late 2015. In early 2022, we decided to mate an American Light Blonde Golden with a European English Cream Golden. Duke and Esmarelda (shown below) are purebred Golden Retriever boyfriend and girlfriend. As a purebred AKC registered Golden, Duke is an all white cream color Golden, weighs around 65 pounds, is very intelligent and obedient, learns very quickly, has a moderate temperament that is a little more on the reserved side, and just as sweet as can be. He is a Golden from European descent and has one of the most decorated pedigrees filled with CHAMPIONS in his recent ancestry, including renowned European Golden stars such as Ashbury, Mystic Views, Ces'T La Vie, Platinum Ice, Angel Light, and Strong Stael. Duke's Pedigree

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Light Blonde Female Golden Retriever

Esmarelda (female) is one of our AKC registered American Light Blonde Golden Retrievers that we kept from one of Oliver and Alexis' litters in 2019. Duke (shown above) and Esmae were our carefully selected choices who produce what we are now calling our White Creamy Blonde litters. They make a very cute couple and their personalities compliment each other perfectly. Esmae is a beautiful Golden with a silky, light blonde coat. She weighs around 60 pounds, is very playful and outgoing, passionately affectionate, listens very well, is quick to learn obey, and has beautiful eyes (like Betty Davis). She and The Duke are very fond of each other and love to chase butterflies and rabbits (although they never can) at our country-home residence. Esmae's has documented CHAMPION BLOODLINES in her AKC Pedigree. Esmae's Pedigree

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