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Updates on Our Breeder's Special Pick (BSP) Litters for the Spring of 2024
Updates on Our Auburn Color Litter for the Spring of 2024
Why Emery-n-Denise Should Be Your First Choice in Purchasing a Golden Retriever
Check List To Prepare For Your New Puppy
Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) for Newborn Puppies
How To Raise the Best Golden Retriever Ever!
Latest On Our Caramel Color Litter for the Fall of 2023
Emery-n-Denise's Blonde + Auburn Litters
Latest On Our Next White Creamy Blonde Litter for the Spring of 2023
Latest On Our Next English White Cream Litter for the Spring of 2023
Latest On Our Next Light Blonde Litter for the Spring of 2023
Updates on Our Upcoming Litters
New YouTube Videos of our White Creamy Blonde Litter at 8 Weeks
Get To Know Emery-n-Denise
Summary of Our Puppy Purchase Process Effective January 1, 2022
If You Are Driving To Our Facility...
Puppy Pricing for 2024
What an Adorable Honey Golden Caramel Puppy!
General Info Regarding Purchases and Customer Accounts
A Whirlwind Year in 2020 Necessitates Some Changes for 2021
Our Second Article on Spaying & Neutering Your Golden Retriever Puppy
Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies in the Year 2020
Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies Response to COVID-19
Should I Buy a Puppy? - Finding the Right Golden Retriever Breeder
And then there was none...
Video - Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies Brings Joy to a Family
What Better Way to Say, Happy Valentines!
Caramel Treats Are Sooo Sweet and Desirable You Just Can't Resist!
Are You Over-Vaccinating Your Golden Retriever?*
Oral Hygiene For Your Golden Retriever*
Anesthesia: What You Should Know For Your Golden Retriever*
Beef Rawhide Chews are Excellent for Golden Retrievers
Is It Safe to Ship a Golden Retriever Puppy*
Spaying and Neutering Your Golden Retriever
The Effects of Inbreeding in Golden Retrievers
Grooming and Caring for a Golden Retriever

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