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Projected September 2020 Auburn Litter

Projected September 2020 Auburn Litter

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SEPT 19TH UPDATE: Willow, our darker auburn color female, turned 7 years old the end of July 2020. The fertility of a female Golden can end between 6 and 9 years of age, and it seems that time has come for our sweet girl Willow. As of today, we have confirmed that she did not conceive during her June/July heat cycle. It brings sadness to our hearts to tell all of those who have been patiently waiting for good news that there will be no auburn color litter this year. We also had Willow examined by our Vet and she is perfectly healthy. She is such a good momma and she wanted so much to be a momma for newborn pups but it just wasn’t meant to be. We are giving her a lot of extra attention to help take her mind off the unsuccessful pregnancy.

For those who have placed a deposit on a male or female pup from Willow’s litter, we will be doing the following:
  1. If you are in line with a paid deposit for any of our other upcoming litters, we will move your deposit to your other reservation. If you would rather receive a refund of your Auburn litter puppy deposit rather than have it moved to your other puppy reservation, no problem. Please call, text, or email us and let us know.
  2. If you are on standby for one for one of our other upcoming litters (no other deposit was paid), or you are not in line for any of our other upcoming litters, we will be issuing a refund of your deposit by Tuesday, September 22, 2020. Your refund will be processed back through PayPal if you used PayPal, or through Venmo if you used Venmo. If you did not receive your deposit refund, please call us so we can make sure you get your deposit refund.
We would like to extend a very heart-felt apology for this news about Willow’s litter, and even though we tried our best, some things are just beyond our control. We wish we had a better means to foretell the future so that we could offer a bit more certainty to our customers, but we just haven’t been able to find a reliable crystal ball to accomplish this. Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Puppies wishes to thank everyone for their patience with both us and Willow.

Since we are retiring Willow from our breeding program, we have no plans at this time for any future auburn color litters because we do not have an auburn color female to replace Willow in our breeding program. It is a fairly lengthy process to acquire a puppy that is the right color, the right temperament, good genetics, and suitable pedigree. And even after searching, finding, and acquiring such a puppy, it will take at least two more years after the puppy matures before she is old enough to be bred. This lengthy process will limit our Golden Retriever color options. So at this time, the colors that we can offer are the English White Cream, the Light Blonde, and the Honey Golden Caramel.

SEPT 2ND UPDATE: Well, it's been a month since our last update and we still don't have puppies yet. However, things are looking pretty promising. Willow is starting to fill out, her teets are beginning to elongate, and she has begun to exhibit "nesting" tendancies whereby she want to prepare a place to have the pups. We will move her into our puppy nursery in the next 7-10 days, and we think the birth of the pups will occur before September 19th. We completely understand everyone's excitement about the arrival of the new auburn litter and we are too! So, stay tuned and we will have another update not later than the 19th of September. Thank you for your patience from Emery-n-Denise!

JULY 29TH UPDATE: We continued to observe matings between Willow and Beau through the third week of July. The gestation period for a puppy litter is 63 days, starting from sometime probably between June 24th and July 18th. This would put the birth of the pups sometime between August 26th and September 19th. A pregnant Golden female usually doen't start showing until the last two weeks of her pregnancy. Since we feed the mommas more during that time to accomodate the growing pups, it can sometimes be a little challenging to know for sure if she is caring pups or just getting slightly overweight from eating. But we will have Willow checked out by our Vet if the pups don't arrive by mid-September to try and confirm her pregnancy. We want to thank everyone on the waiting list for their continued patience and we will try our best to keep you updated.

MATING UPDATE: We are excited and hopeful that Willow, our darker auburn female, had her heat cycle in June and mated several times with Beau. We will not have confirmation that she is carrying pups until early August. If her mating produced pups, the birth date of this litter will be in mid to late August 2020. Hopefully, she will have plenty of pups so that most everyone on our waiting list will get to choose a puppy come late September, and take one home in late October.

We will announce confirmation of pregnancy with an update here in August, and the birth of the pups as soon as that day comes. Then about 5 to 7 days after birth we will anounce the number of male and female pups in Willow's litter.
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