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Helaina's Four-Week Old Pups Are Doing Great!

Helaina's Four-Week Old Pups Are Doing Great!

-Latest on Our White Cream Litters   /   Aug 12th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
On July 14th, Helaina and Duke, our European white cream Golden Retrievers, had their second litter together. There was 1 girl and 3 boys in this litter and they are irresistably cute. It's hard to put one down once you start cuddling with it.  At 11 days old their eyes began to open, and by 2 weeks they were getting use to the new sensation of a brand new colorful world! Being a smaller litter, there is very litte competion for getting milk from momma. As such, they are growing pretty quickly since there are not as many mouths to feed and the milk is abundant. By 3 weeks, they found their voices and were starting to get a little more stable on their feet. Now they are 4 weeks old and have come out of the whelping box, and oh how the world is so big! The nursery has a lot of room, but they haven't quite gotten the courage to venture off more than a few feet from their pallet. That will all change in the next day or two as their leg muscles strengthen and they develop stability and coordination.

We also started them on our unique formula we call puppy porridge, and they have gone wild over it. It is quite entertaining to watch them all eat like there is no tomorrow, and end up all in it, or should I say, it all over them. Reminds me of my kids when we started them on baby food. Speaking of which, I'll come back in a little while and finish this because its about dinner time for the little cuties...

OK, I'm back. Of the four, the one girl has already been spoken for by a very lovely family who is very excited. One of the boys has also been spoken for. That leaves two very adorable boys remaining in this white cream litter, which means two more very lucky families are going to be getting an opportunity to add an awesome new family member next month. In another 10 days, we will be publishing the photo shoot debuts of our little puppy stars for everyone to see (I can't wait till we do the photo shoot 'cuz it's really a hoot). The pups will be ready to go and be with their new families the weekend of September 14th after they've been thoroughly checked over by our veterinarian.

If you have been thinking of getting an AKC registerable white cream Golden Retriever puppy, now is your chance for the late summer. Most families have gotten back from their vacations and now have the time to spend with one of these adorable pups. Please feel free to contact us and inquire, and thank you for considering our Golden PuppiesTM!

We are exclusively a Golden Retriever Breeder of AKC pure bred Golden Retrievers and we have Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Illinois and Indiana.
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