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Info on Our Upcoming Litters and Our Priority List

Info on Our Upcoming Litters and Our Priority List

-Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies General Info   /   Apr 15th, 2020   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
We are quite often asked about our upcoming litters, how the purchase process works, and how does one start the process. So this article will offer an explanation of our process, info on our upcoming litters, and something we call our priority list.

Our priority list is a list of people who place a refundable deposit on a pup before the pups turn 5 weeks old. Many people place their deposit even before the litter is born. The earlier the better because this establishes your “picking order” from the litter color that you prefer (White Cream, Light Blonde, or Caramel). The deposit amount prior to 5 weeks old is $100.00 and is either for a male or female decided by you in advance when you place the deposit. So, if you aren’t sure if you want a male or female pup, then you should consider placing a deposit on both genders so that you can decide after you see the pups. At that time, you can move the other deposit to your chosen puppy. All deposits are refundable up until you decide on a specific puppy at 5 weeks of age.

Before placing a deposit, please carefully read our Purchase Agreement and fill out a Puppy Application. For those who will be first time Golden puppy owners, Here is an interesting article that we wrote and recommend for you to read before buying a puppy from us or any breeder for that matter. Call us if you would like to discuss any of these or if you have additional questions.

Also FYI, if you see a lot of people in line for the pups in one of our upcoming litters (scroll down to check) and you prefer that color, but you also would consider another color, you may want to put a deposit down on both colors and here is why: If there ends up not being enough puppies in the litter to allow you to get one, it would make sense to already be in line for another upcoming litter. Again, you are not at risk of forfeiting your deposit because it is refundable up until you choose a specific puppy. And if you are in line for two puppies but ultimately want only one, we move your second deposit to the puppy you choose.

If you do decide that you definitely want one of our pups that you have seen and identified by the microchip number at 5 weeks of age, you would place an additional $250.00 down making your total deposit $350.00. At this point the total deposit becomes non-refundable because that puppy is no longer offered to anyone else until you pick it up to take home 4 weeks later. No puppies are selected before 5 weeks of age and this is why our priority list gets to pick first. After the priority list have made their choices, then the remaining puppies are offered to the general public that were not on the priority list.

If our pups have already reached 5 weeks of age and you are not on the priority list, the deposit is $350.00 and is non-refundable 72 hours after the deposit is placed.

So now you might be asking, “How will I know where I am in the picking order if I place a deposit?” We have decided to use this article to update our prospective customers so you will know this ahead of time. In addition, everyone on our list creates a customer registration account, so after placing a deposit, be sure to click the PayPal link,
"Return to Merchant's Website" because this is what allows you to create your account. You are able to log in and out of that account and see exactly where you are in the picking order for the litter or litters you have placed deposits on. 

So, here is where the priority list currently stands for our upcoming litters as of July 29, 2020:

Upcoming English (white) Cream Litter Due Mid to Late November 2020:
6 people in line for a male puppy (no male priority spots available)

6 people in line for a female puppy (no female priority spots available)

Upcoming Light Blonde Litter Due in the Late Dec - Early Jan of 2020:
6 people in line for a male puppy (no male priority spots available)
people in line for a female puppy (no female priority spots available)

Upcoming Caramel Color Litter Due Mid November of 2020:
6 people in line for a male puppy (no male priority spots available)
6 people in line for a female puppy (no female priority spots available)

Projected Puppy Take Home Dates for Upcoming Litters:

English (white) Cream Litter take home in Late January 2021
Light Blonde Litter take home in Early March 2021

Caramel Color Litter take home in  Mid January 2021

Updated July 29, 2020

A number of people ask us if we ever get cancellations from people who have placed their deposit and have secured a spot on our priority reservation list, but who eventually change their mind about buying a puppy for various reasons. The answer is, "Yes." About 20% to 25% of the people who get on our reservation list before the pups are born will usually end up cancelling their reservation and ask for a refund. After the pups are born, the number of cancellations drops to less than 5%. Then after the pups turn 5 weeks of age and the buyer picks a puppy, we rarely get any cancellations.

In light of the high percentage of cancellations we get before the pups are born, we have created a standby reservation list that allows other people to get on without having to place a deposit. But, we need to talk to you first, you still need to fill out a puppy application, and you still need to carefully read our purchase agreement. We need to know for sure that you are very serious about getting one of our puppies, that you have carefully thought about it, and you are ready to accept the financial and time commitment responsibilities of bringing a new puppy into your household. Please call us at (417) 559-3305   
and ask about our standby reservation list in case one of the existing puppy reservations cancel. This is only necessary when you see that the current list of reservations for a particular color and gender is full.

Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies are exclusively a Golden Retriever Breeder of AKC pure bred Golden Retrievers and we have Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale serving Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Okalahoma.
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