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Summary of Our Puppy Purchase Process and Waiting Lists

Summary of Our Puppy Purchase Process and Waiting Lists

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This article is intended to be a summary of information for those interested in one of our future puppy litters. There is a lot of information on our website to read and consider, but this article will help to explain how the process at Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Puppies works. You will also find links to other areas of our website which provide additional information that many of our customers have found informative and interesting.

Here are the minimum three (3) things you need to do before getting on one of our puppy reservation lists (Note: We are not accepting any new puppy reservations until February of 2021, due to the high number of people already on our waiting list):

1. Read our
Purchase Agreement and our Supplemental Terms & Conditions. This is the contract verbatim that you will sign later on if you decide to purchase one of our puppies. If you have any questions about the Purchase Agreement or T&C, call us to discuss.

2. Fill out a
Puppy Application. There really isn’t any disqualifying answers on this application however, you should be aware that we only sell our puppies to families or individuals whose intended purpose for the puppy is a family pet, companion animal, or service dog. Our puppies are only available with limited AKC registration. Absolutely no full-registrations sales of puppies will be considered. So, if you are intending to possibly breed your dog sometime in the future, Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Puppies is not the right choice for you.

3. Text us or email us a message saying you have completed the first two steps and are ready to get on our standby list. Then we will send you back instructions which allow you to get on the list by creating a seperate customer account for each list you want to be on. In other words, you would create an account for each puppy color (white cream, light blonde, caramel color, or auburn) and gender (male or female) that you want to get on the waiting list for. So basically, we have eight seperate waiting lists (two genders for each of the four colors of Golden Retriever Puppies that we offer). That's pretty much it!

Next, is an explanation of how our waiting list works:

There is a $100 refundable deposit for those who want to get on our priority waiting list, which is the first six (6) spots on the waiting list. After those spots are filled, the next spots are considered, "standby" and no deposit is required. First, you need to decide which of our four colors of Golden Retrievers you are interested in. Second, you need to decide if you want a male or female puppy. We take deposits for six males and six females in each of the four colors of Golden Retrievers that we breed (white cream, light blonde, caramel color, and auburn). Your deposit establishes your picking order for a puppy according to the order in which it was received. Third, after you place your deposit it is necessary for you to create a customer registration account so that we can keep track of your deposit, contact information, and picking order. This is your private account where you will be able to periodically log in and check out where you currently stand. Since we do get cancellations, you may find that you have moved up the list, but you will never move down.

People usually place a deposit on a puppy before a litter is born, sometimes as much as 6 to 8 months in advance. Since we have no way of knowing how many pups will be in a litter, or the number of males or females in the litter, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to choose a puppy. Average litter sizes are around 6 to 8 pups, but can be more or less than that. The number of males and females can be fairly equal in number, or there may be a much larger number of one gender than the other. We’ve had litters with only one or two pups of one gender and four to seven of the other gender. We just don’t have a reliable way of knowing the outcome ahead of time.

As you may expect, the higher up on the waiting list you are, the better your chances of getting a puppy. Since we cannot guarantee there will be enough pups of a certain gender for everyone, many people will get in line for both a male and a female from the same litter to increase their chances of getting one, if gender is not extremely important to you. Some people will get in line for more than one of our litter colors, if color is not extremely important to you. Keep in mind that people are added to our waiting list every week, and sometimes we get more than one added in a single day. Several months from now after a litter is born, if we notify you that we don’t have enough pups in the litter for you to get one, your three options are: Option 1) ask for a refund;  Option 2) move your deposit to the next litter which is six to seven months away, but you will get priority as long as you stick with the same litter color and gender; or Option 3) move your deposit to one of the other litter colors. However, if you change litter color or gender you will not get priority and you will be placed at the end of that waiting list. This is why it is very strategic and strongly recommended to place a deposit on more than one puppy in order to increase your chances of getting a puppy. Then you don't have to go to the back of the line for a different litter. Today there may only be two or three people in line, but three months from now the reservation list may be full.

How much are Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies? The Puppy Availability table on our main front page (
click here) shows the price range of each of the four colors of litters. The price is fixed after the litter is born and depends on the number of pups in the litter and the number of male and female pups. Larger numbers of puppies will be priced at the lower end of the range shown in the that table, whereas smaller numbers of puppies will be priced higher. We have prepared a detailed explanation of the puppy pricing is determined which can be viewed here. Once the price is fixed for the males and females in a puppy litter, those on our reservation list will still have the option of cancelling their reservation and can request a refund up until the puppies reach five weeks of age. 

Since deposits are refundable at any time prior to you choosing a specific puppy, you are also able to take any deposit you placed on one litter and move it over to a puppy in another litter that you are also in line for. So after a litter is born, if we notify you that we have enough puppies for you to get one, you can move any deposits you’ve placed on other litters to the puppy you have chosen. And since all deposits go towards the final purchase price of a puppy, there are really no risks involved. Our customers have been very appreciative of the way we have structured this process and it seems to work very well for most people.

Many people ask us if we ever get cancellations from people who have already placed their deposit and have secured a spot on our reservation list, but who eventually change their mind about buying a puppy for various reasons. The answer is, "Yes." About 20% to 25% of the people who get on our reservation list before the pups are born will usually end up cancelling their reservation and ask for a refund. After the pups are born, the number of cancellations drops to less than 5% once we notify them that there are enough puppies available for their reservation. Then after the pups turn 5 weeks of age and the buyer picks a specific puppy, we rarely get any cancellations.

In light of the cancellations that occur, we have created a standby list that allows people to get in line without having to place a deposit. Our standby list is not limited to a certain number of people. But, we still need to talk to you first. After we have received six deposits for a male or female puppy reservation, the next person will go on our standby list with no deposit required, and that person is placed in the number seven position on the waiting list (or eighth, or ninth position, etc. behind others already on the waiting list). You still need to fill out a puppy application, and you still need to carefully read our purchase agreement and our supplemental terms and conditions. We need to know that you are serious about getting one of our puppies, that you have carefully thought about it, and you are ready to accept the financial commitment and responsibilities of bringing a new puppy into your household. Then, if someone ahead of you on the waiting list cancels their reservation, everyone below them moves up. If you move into the number six position, we will contact you and let you know that you are no longer on standby and it’s time for you to place your $100 refundable deposit. Please call us at (417) 559-3305 and ask about our standby list in case one of the existing puppy reservations cancel. This is only necessary when you see that the current list of reservations for the color and gender you are interested in is "full."

Here are three things that happen after a puppy litter is born:

First, we will make a general announcement that the litter was born, but we will not disclose how many pups are in the litter until all the pups are completely stabilized. This generally takes about five to seven days, at which time we will announce the number of male and female pups in the litter. At that time we contact you and let you know if we will have a puppy for you to choose. We will also let you know if there were not enough pups to cover your reservation spot (for those people, you still have the three options we described earlier).

Second, when the pups turn five weeks old, we will schedule a time for you and/or your family to come to our facility to interact with the puppies and meet the parents. If you like our facility, our adult dogs, and you see a puppy that steals your heart, you can then choose that puppy according to its microchip number which we will scan for you in your presence. You will then place an additional $250 deposit on that specific puppy which becomes your puppy, and your total deposit of $350 becomes non-refundable at that point. Although we highly recommend you to come to our facility, you may choose not to come when the puppies are five weeks old and have us send you numerous photos of the available puppies for you to choose from. We can also do a video chat with you and the puppies which allows you see close-ups of the puppies and ask us questions to help you decide. But, if after seeing our puppies you decide that something is not quite meeting your expectations, you can simply ask for a refund and there won't be any questions or hassles from us. We might even be able to recommend other breeders for you to consider. 

Third, you will come out to our facility when the puppies are around nine weeks of age, pay your final balance, and take your new furry family member home with you. Or if we are shipping the puppy to you by airlines, we will notify you of all the arrangements.


How do I request a refund? Call, text message, or email us and your deposit will be refunded back to the same method you used to pay it within 24 hours, no questions asked.

The reservations list shows "full" in the table. How do I get on your standby list in case someone cancels? Call us and we will ask you if you've filled out a puppy application, read our purchase agreement and terms and conditions, and then ask you if you have any questions for us. If everything is understood and you are comfortable after talking to us, we will text message you a link for you to create a customer registration account which we will use to keep track of your position on the standby list. No deposit is required while on the standby list.

If I am on the standby list, how will I know when I move up the list to an actual reservation spot where I pay a deposit? We will call you and let you know.

What forms of payment are accepted? For your initial deposit of $100, you can use your credit card or your PayPal account which will include an extra fee of around 3%. We also accept Venmo (no extra fees) to Emery-n-Denise@Golden-Puppies. When the puppies are 5 weeks old and you choose to purchase one, you can pay the next portion of your deposit in the amount of $250 with Venmo, Cash, or a personal check. When you come to take the puppy home with you, your final balance must be paid with either Venmo or Cash (unless you contact us at least two weeks in advance to work out other payment arrangements).

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We hope this and our other articles have helped you learn about our Golden Retriever breeding ethics and practices so that you can make an intelligent and well informed decision about owning a Golden Retriever puppy. Thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Puppies.

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