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Latest On Our Next Light Blonde Litter for the Spring of 2023

Latest On Our Next Light Blonde Litter for the Spring of 2023

-Latest on Our Light Blonde Litters   /   Jan 3rd, 2023   /  A+ | a-
MARCH 17TH, 2023 UPDATE: Arianna, our light blonde color female, was due to have a litter of puppies by March 17th, 2023. As of this date, we have confirmed that she did not conceive during her January heat cycle of 2023. Arianna was showing many of the signs of being pregnant and we felt that there was about a 50% chance that she had conceived this time around. Oliver, our precious male Golden (who is Arianna's mate), has now been unable to produce a litter for two mating seasons and we know this is due to his decreasing sperm count and energy levels. He is over 12 years old and his fertility has declined over the years. It brings great sadness to our hearts that we will be retiring Oliver, but he will remain one of our valued family members and live here very comfortably for the remainder of his life. In addition, it pains us to inform all of those who have been patiently waiting for good news that there will be no Light Blonde Color Litter for this Spring. We had Arianna examined by our Vet and she is perfectly healthy. We are planning to breed her again in the Summer of 2023 and expect her next litter to be born in the September 2023 time frame. She is such a good momma and produces beautiful litters with great personalities and intelligence.

For those who have placed a deposit on a male or female pup from Arianna’s litter (1st or 2nd Priority), you have a several options to consider:
  1. You can request a refund of your Priority puppy deposit. This will be your only chance to request a refund between now and April 28th, 2023. If you do not request a refund before this date, your deposit becomes non-refundable after April 28th, 2023 and will be rolled over automatically to Arianna's next litter due 6 months from now. You will keep your same place in line or higher up for her next litter in the Summer of this year (Sept 2023).
  2. If you have previously put more than one deposit down and are already in line for any of our other upcoming litter colors, we can move your Light Blonde puppy deposit to your other reservation and all your deposits will go towards the purchase of a puppy from that litter.
  3. You can create a new reservation for one of our other upcoming puppy litters due in the Summer or Fall of 2023, and move your deposit over to the new reservation. If you choose this option, you will be placed behind others who are already in line for that litter color and gender, and you will still be able to request a refund if you don't get get a puppy from your new reservation.
  4. You can choose to roll your deposit over to Arianna's next litter due to be born in September of 2023. Please keep in mind that Arianna will not be mating with Oliver since we are retiring him as of March 2023. Arianna will be mating with our Beau, one of our extremely handsome, intelligent, and healthy Auburn color Goldens (please click here for more details). You do not need to do anything if you want to choose this option and we will automatically roll your deposit over to the next litter. However if you choose this option, you can no longer request a refund of your deposit under any circumstance after April 28th, 2023. When you choose to roll your deposit over to a future litter from the same dam, your deposit can be applied towards the purchase of a puppy from one of her next three litters. This protects you from losing your deposit for about 18-20 months.

If you would like to receive a refund of your March 2023 Light Blonde litter puppy deposit rather than roll it over to Ariann's next  litter OR, if you want to make a new reservation on one of our other upcoming litter colors and move your deposit to the new reservation, please call us to make this request, then text or email us to confirm what you want to do in writing. If you simply want to roll your deposit over to Arianna's next litter in the Summer of 2023, you do not need to do anything, we will update your reservation automatically.

If you were on our Standby waiting list for a male or female pup from Arianna’s March 2023 litter, we will move you to the Standby list for her next litter due in the Summer of 2023.

We would like to extend a very heart-felt apology broken heart for this news about Arianna’s litter due this month, and even though we tried our best as breeders, some things are just beyond our control. We wish we had a better means to foretell the future so that we could offer a bit more certainty to our customers, but we just haven’t been able to find a reliable crystal ball to accomplish this. Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Puppies wishes to thank everyone for their patience with us, Arianna and Oliver, and thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies!

MARCH 12TH UPDATE ON OUR UPCOMING LIGHT BLONDE LITTER: Arianna is progressing toward a possible birth of puppies from her and Oliver, however, we can only be about 50% confident at this point that she conceived with Oliver this time around. She has gained weight and has begun rounding out in her abdomen area. She has also started showing emotional signs that we would expect to see from a mother carrying pups. Oliver (her mate) is quite up there in years and may not have been able to impregnate Arianna successfully. If Arianna did not conceive, we will sadly be retiring Oliver because of his age and viability to breed. He has been one of the best looking, smartest and most obedient Goldens we have ever owned and everyone tells us they would like to have a Golden just like Oliver. Good Job Oliver! You will always have a special place in our hearts and at our home. We should know for sure if Arianna will have a litter of pups by the end of this week, the 17th of March. Please stay tuned until then for an update.

JANUARY 11TH NEWS ON OUR NEXT LIGHT BLONDE LITTER: More Good News! We observed mating between Oliver and Arianna this week. The schedule listed below in the previous update may be a few days ahead of shedule but keep your fingers crossed for more exciting news around March 10th! 

JANUARY 3RD NEWS ON OUR NEXT LIGHT BLONDE LITTER: Good News! Arianna (our Light Blonde momma) started her heat cycle this week. Her heat cycle will last for 21 to 28 days, and the fertile mating period generally occurs 10 to 14 days into the cycle (sometime between Jan 13th-17th). The gestation period is 63 days which would put the birth of our next Light Blonde litter sometime between March 17th and 21st. This in turn, would make the pups ready to go home on or after May 19th (possibly a week later depending on the actual birth date).  If everything works out with what we are currently observing and Arianna conceives, then those who are on the waiting list for her next liter will be picking your puppy on April 21st thru the 23rd, and will be taking your puppy home starting May 19th. This is the latest and best information we have as of this time. Thanks from Emery-n-Denise to everyone on the waiting list for your patience!

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