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New Light Blonde Litter Update

New Light Blonde Litter Update

-Latest on Our Light Blonde Litters   /   May 25th, 2020   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
This is a special update for Wednesday, July 22nd, for the light blonde Golden Retriever puppies.

We went to the doctor today and good news... Everybody got an excellent checkup! Sadie P, Sadie J, Hudson, Ozark, Clark, Jasper, Millie, Georgia and Huxley. The vet was very impressed with all of them. The Vet tech was asking to buy one, then the front cashier, then another individual who was there for a pet appointment. Earlier this week one lady offered us $4500.00 for one of these little babies because she had been searching everywhere and said that's what PuppySpot was charging for a Golden. She says ours are cuter. Well don't we all already know that? We were flattered by the offer but we think the puppy families we have now are perfect homes for our babies. We are excited to see you all this weekend, and don't forget your puppy number because that's how you know for sure there are no swithcharoos going on!

This is a special update for Monday, July 20th, for all you who have been patiently waiting for your new light blonde Golden Retriever puppy.

It's time for a massive celebration... pass out the cigars (bubblegum ones), and decorate the house... because guess what? For almost all of you, your new family member is coming home this weekend! Veterinary appointments have been scheduled for this week. And every single one of these baby pups have completely smitten our heart. So, last chance to back out because these pups are just too cute to let go! If we chase you down our driveway as your going back home with your new puppy, just ignore us. But honestly, we will have tissues in our pocket when you come, but don't mind us, we always get a wee bit emotional during this time. We sincerely want to thank you for allowing us the privilege of caring for your new family member for the past 8 and a half weeks. Our hearts are full, and our nursery will be empty soon... but, another litter is on the way and we can't wait! And please, if you think we are worth our salt at all, would you please consider giving us a review on Google (just Google Emery-n-Denise). Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

his is a special update for Friday, May 29th, for all those who have been patiently waiting in line for our next light blonde Golden Retriever litter of puppies.

Here are the final details of the May 2020 Light Blonde Puppy Litter from Arianna and Oliver:

Total No. of Puppies: 9
Total No. of Male Pups: 5
Total No. of Female Pups: 4

This means that if your are No. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the Light Blonde Priority List with a male puppy reservation, we have a puppy for you!

Or, if you are No. 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the Light Blonde Priority List with a female puppy reservation, we also have a puppy for you!

Please log in to your customer account (click here) to confirm all your details.

For those of you on our May 2020 light blonde litter waiting list who are lucky enough to go to our next stage of getting a pup, please be aware that you will be coming to see the puppies on June 26th, 27th, or 28th. to make your final decision. Please log into your customer account (click here) to discover the latest details about your puppy purchase and indicate your preference for coming out to see the pups where you will decide if you want to move forward with your purchase. If you do decide to move forward, please save the date July 24th, 25th, or 26th, of this year, 2020, because that is when you would be bringing home your new puppy to join your family!

Some of you are also on our priority list for another litter (caramel or auburn) and we will be making another anouncement on Monday, June 1st about those puppy litters.

We had 7 people on the waiting list for a light blonde male pup (we will not have enough puppies for Nos. 6 and 7 on our list). We had 8 people in line for a female (we will not have enough female puppies for Nos. 5, 6, 7, and 8 on our list). While it was entirely possible to fulfill either of those numbers (but probably not both), we regret that we will not have enough pups for everyone on the male and female waiting lists. This deeply saddens us and our heart goes out to those of you at the bottom of those lists. Scroll down to read about Alexis and Arianna, our two light blonde mommas...

For those that will not be getting a puppy from this recently born litter, you have some options: (1) you can request an immediate refund of your deposit; or (2) you can wait for our next light blonde litter of pups which we are projecting a birth date in the Nov-Dec time frame and a take-home date in the Jan-Feb time frame. For those already on our waiting list but not getting a puppy this time, and you want to move your deposit to the next litter later this year, please contact us. If you chose option (2) to get on the next waiting list, you will be given priority over others who have not been on our waiting list. If you are not high enough up on our priority list and we don't have enough puppies for you, please contact us by phone, text, email, or log into your customer account (click here) and indicate your preference concerning your deposit.

Some of our customers who were higher up on the waiting list and fortunate enough to be getting one of our light blonde puppies might be having tentative thoughts about whether the timing is right to introduce a new puppy into your home, we want to express a very important message for you to think about…
Maybe you are going back to work now as our country begins to re-open from COVID-19 and you are concerned about how you’re going to manage a baby puppy; or maybe your finances aren’t quite ready to take on a new member of the family due to cut-backs or lay-offs (again, COVID-19); maybe you’re dealing with a family crisis and you need time to work through that process and a puppy cannot be your focus right now…
we understand. That’s why we don’t try to obligate you by threatening to keep your deposit if you need to change your mind. But after you have made all serious contemplation and well-planned out thoughts, we ask that if any of the above describes your situation, please consider either postponing or relinquishing your place in line so that it can become available to the next family who might be perfectly ready, but won’t have the opportunity due to there not being enough pups to go around. Please contact us by phone, text message, or email if you wish to discuss any changes in your puppy purchase.

As some of you may know, we have two (2) AKC registered Golden Retriever females that are in our light blonde breeding program: Alexis is from one of our previous litters and is an amazingly healthy nine year old with a wonderful temperament that embodies all the highly sought after personality traits in a Golden Retriever... loving, affectionate, obedient, intelligent, energetic, longevity, and a healthy history of past litters. Irrespective of healthiness, a female Golden's fertility decreases with age. The number of pups in their litters starts decreasing with each successive litter. Whereas a two-year old female may produce a litter of 9 to 12 pups, by the time they reach 5 years of age, the number of pups will average 6 to 8 as long as the mother remains healthy. As long as the puppies are born healthy and the mother remains healthy, breeding is viable and can continue. However, the number of pups in each successive litter will continue to decrease since the number of eggs produced by the mother continues to diminish.

In the last few years, Lexie's fertility has produced litters of only 1 to 4 pups even though she is still very healthy and robust in her energy level, and her pups have also been healthy. When Lexie entered her most recent heat cycle for mating in mid-March, 2020, we observed multiple matings between her and our Oliver. Her due date was expected in mid- to late-May, however, we have now confirmed that Lexie did not get pregnant. The reason for this is that her ovaries are no longer producing eggs, and therefore we are retiring Lexie from our light-blonde breeding program. Lexie is such a blessing to us and we expect to enjoy many more years with her based on her parent's and grandparent's longevity. We will not be finding a new home for Lexie or entertain any offers for her, but we appreciate those of you who no doubt could and are willing to provide a wonderful home with lots of love to give.

Anticipating Lexie’s retirement, a little over two years ago we acquired another female light blonde puppy, Arianna. Although we will not have any pictures of Arianna on our website until this summer, she is the ideal breeding partner for Oliver. She is 10 to 15 pounds larger than Lexie with a thicker, fuller, and longer coat; absolutely gorgeous. Her personality is ideal because of her calmness, obedience, quick-learning abilities, and overall appearance. She has no awkward traits and her physique is exactly what Golden lovers are looking for. If we had her involved in dog show competitions, she would definitely win… and win a lot. Arianna also entered her heat cycle for mating in mid-March, 2020, and we observed multiple matings with Oliver. On Sunday, May 24th she gave birth to her litter of pups and they are just beautiful and seem very healthy after the first day. Momma is also doing quite well and is showing instinctive maternal skills that have made us very happy with the way she is doting over her little pups. Next week we will post pictures of the pups with momma in their whelping box. We are very excited with this new litter, and we know all of those on our waiting list are too.
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