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News Flash - Our White Cream Litter Has Arrived!

News Flash - Our White Cream Litter Has Arrived!

-Latest on Our White Cream Litters   /   May 21st, 2019   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
Exciting News - On Saturday, May 11th, Huck and Duchess became the proud parents of two baby girls and five baby boys. Momma is doing excellent, the puppies are very robust, and they are very adorable. Duchess is taking excellent care of her pups, and they are gaining weight fast. She keeps the whelping box and the pups very clean, and is keeping her eyes on them to make sure they are getting along and not bewildered (because they can't see at this stage). Their eyes will be opening in a few days. We really love these these little guys and they are like fluffy little balls. We will be placing whelping box photos up on our website in a few more day which can be seen by clicking here. Currently, there are only male pups available from this litter,

If you have already placed a deposit on a male or female pup from this litter, please log in to your Golden Puppies account to see the updated info (click here if you have already placed your deposit on a puppy from Duchess' May 2019 White Cream Litter).
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