Meet the Sire and Dam of Our Light Blonde Litters:

Our Light Blonde Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale are from Oliver and Lexie

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Sir Oliver (male) is Lexie's purebred Golden Retriever boy friend that we acquired in early 2011. Oliver is a light blonde colored Golden with a very thick coat like a lion's mane, and a big blocky head (pictured to the left). His voice is deep and intimidating, but gentle as a lamb. He is AKC registered, 85-90 pounds, and very playful. He listens very well, has a laid back temperament and is quick to learn. He and Lexie run around together on our country acreage property exploring the woods and hills. Sir Oliver has documented CHAMPION BLOODLINES in his AKC Pedigree. Oliver's Pedigree

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Miss Lexie Belle is our light blonde female Golden Retriever that was one of our pups from a previous litter born in December 2010. As a purebred AKC registered Golden, Lexie's coat is silky fine, has an average build for a female Golden weighing 55-60 pounds (pictured to the left). She is very smart, has an excellent obedient temperament, and just as sweet as her mother, Phoebe, who is retired from our breeding program. We have kept Phoebe as one of our cherished Goldens because she is wise and helps keep the others in line. Miss Lexie has documented CHAMPION BLOODLINES in her AKC Pedigree. Lexie's Pedigree

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