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Projected Winter 2020 Light Blonde Litter Update

Projected Winter 2020 Light Blonde Litter Update

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JAN 17TH UPDATE: We are scheduling appointments for our Meet-n-Greet for those who have already placed a deposit and have been on our priority waiting list for one of the puppies from our December 2020 light blonde litter. The available dates are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, January 22nd, 23rd, or 24th, 2021 starting at 9 am on each of those days, Please login to your customer account and make sure you have scheduled a "Meet-n-Greet" date and time. If not, please call us at the earliest possible time to schedule your appointment to either come here and meet the puppies in person or to schedule a video chat with us and the available puppies using the Google Duo Smartphone App. Thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies!

DEC 28TH UPDATE: OKAY, Here is the big news everyone has been anxiously waiting for to find out if you are getting a Golden Retriever puppy from our recently born light blonde litter. The final tally was 6 boys and 2 girls! That means those of you who are either No. 1 or No. 2 in line for a girl puppy are going to get an opportunity to choose one from this litter. And, the first 6 people who are in line for a male puppy will also get to choose a puppy from this litter.

If you were No. 3 or greater in line for a female, or No. 7 or greater for a male, we won't be able to offer you a puppy to consider, and our hearts go out to you and your family. We really would like to be able to accomodate everyone because we think Goldens are the greatest breed of dogs in the world and everyone should own one! So now you have a couple of options: You can move your deposit to our Summer 2021 light blonde litter, or you can ask for a refund of your deposit. If you stay on our waiting list, you will be higher up on the list next time which will increase your chances of getting a puppy. We are rolling out some policy changes beginning in February 2021 which will affect everyone on our waiting list. You can read about our new policies by clicking here, or if you don't care to read a lengthy bunch of words, just call us and we will explain things to you over the phone.

Now for everyone who's getting the opportunity to get a puppy from this current litter, you need to login to your customer account and specify a day and time to come out to see the puppies when they are 5 weeks old. The days we are making available is January 22, 23, and 24th (Fri, Sat, and Sun). Our appointments are one family or individual party at a time, each spaced 2 hours apart, starting at 9:00 am. The appointments will be on a first come basis so you may want to login ASAP before all the best times disappear. If there is a conflict with the time slot you have chosen, we will reach out to you and let you know what else is available. If we don't hear from you or see your account updated by January 1st, we will be contacting you that following week to make sure you are still interested and schedule your appointment.

The total amount of your deposits will need to be $350 if you decide to reserve a specific puppy for you to take home not earlier than February the 19th or anytime the week thereafter. The puppy you pick in January will be identified by a microchip when you come and confirmed when you take the puppy home in February. We will accept Venmo, cash, or a personal check on the day you come to choose a puppy in January. Your final balance in February must be paid in either cash, Venmo, or credit card (with a 3% fee). Please contact us if you have additional questions or if we've missed something. Thank you for being one of Emery-n-Denise's loyal customers! We highly value you as the proud owner of one of our babies!

DEC 22ND UPDATE: YEA, THEY'RE HERE!! Our light blonde litter of pups arrived on Dec 20th, and we are blessed with puppy therapy (they are so cute)! By the beginning of next week, we will make an announcement of the number of boys and girls in this litter once we see the vibrance, healthiness, and strength of all the pups. Here is a little hint if you can figure it out: it seems the dad of this litter was wearing boxers, not briefs. wink

Everyone who has created a customer account and has either placed a deposit (priority reservation) or was on standby (no deposit), please log into your account and recheck where you stand. The waiting list has changed substantially for those who were lower down on the list and many have moved up.

If you have placed a deposit and have been patiently waiting on our reservation list, please mark your calendars for January 22nd, 23rd, or 24th (Fri, Sat, Sun) to make your decision on moving forward with your purchase, and what puppy you want to take home with you starting February 19th. Contact us to schedule a time and date for you to come out and see the pups in the latter part of January at 5 weeks of age. Those who are higher up on the list should try to come out on the 22nd or 23rd, and those further down the list on the 23rd, 24th, or after. If you are unable to come out in person to see the pups at 5 weeks of age, we can do a video chat with you and help you with your decision.

For those who have been on standby and have not placed a deposit, good news: We may have a pup for you! Log into your account and check your position now as things have changed. If we have a puppy for you in this litter (we will make that announcement early next week), you will need to place your deposit ASAP to reserve your puppy.

Thanks to all our customers for considering Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies!

DEC 11TH UPDATE: We have confirmed that Arianna is carrying pups, and she is huge! Size is not always an indicator of the number of pups, but we are thinking she will have somewhere between 8 and 12 pups (just a guess based on her previous litter of 9 pups, and her relative size this time). Our best estimate of the delivery date will be sometime between the 21st and the 25th of December, so about 10 to 14 days from the time of this post.

We have a big waiting list and many of you have placed a deposit. So, if you are not already on our waiting list, there is no chance of getting one of the pups from this litter. But for those of you who have placed a deposit (and possibly some of you on standby), your waiting period is almost over!

Once Arianna has her litter, we will make another general announcement here of the birth (no specifics). Then about a week later when the pups are all stable and doing well, we will make another announcement to indicate the number of male and female pups in this litter. We are very excited about this second litter from Arianna and Oliver because her first litter was a huge success! So stay tuned and thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies!

OCT 26TH UPDATE: We are excited to have observed Arianna and Oliver, our light blonde Goldens, mating several times last week. We will not have confirmation that Arianna is carrying pups until sometime after the second week in December. If her mating produced pups, the birth date of this litter will be in late December 2020. Hopefully, she will have plenty of pups so that most everyone on our waiting list will get to choose a puppy in late January or early February, and take one home in late February or early March.

We will announce confirmation of the pregnancy with an update here in mid December, and the birth of the pups as soon as that day comes. Then about 5 to 7 days after the birth, we will anounce the number of male and female pups in Arianna and Oliver's litter. Thanks to everyone who have been patiently waiting on our light blonde reservation list.

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