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Update On Our May 2021 Caramel Litter

Update On Our May 2021 Caramel Litter

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MAY 27, 2021 UPDATE: Scarlett, our caramel color female, was due to have a litter of puppies towards the end of May 2021. As of today, we have confirmed that she did not conceive during her March/April heat cycle of 2021. It brings sadness to our hearts to tell all of those who have been patiently waiting for good news that there will be no caramel color litter this for the summer. We had Scarlett examined by our Vet and she is perfectly healthy. We are planning to breed her again in the Fall of this year and expect her next litter to be born in the November/December time frame. She is such a good momma but we think this is probably a good thing for her to have this break until the Winter.

For those who have placed a deposit on a male or female pup from Scarlett’s litter (1st or 2nd Priority), you have a several options to consider:
  1. You can request a refund of your Priority puppy deposit. This will be your only chance to request a refund between now and July 8th, 2021. If you do not request a refund before this date, your deposit becomes non-refundable after July 8th, 2021 and will be automatically rolled over to the next Caramel color puppy litter due 6 to 7 months from now.
  2. You can roll your Priority puppy deposit over to the next Caramel color puppy litter due 6 to 7 months from now. If you choose this option, you can no longer request a refund of your deposit under any circumstance after July 8th, 2021, but your deposit will still go towards the purchase of a puppy from one of the next three litters that you have made a reservation for. This protects you from losing your deposit for about 18 months.
  3. If you are already in line for any of our other upcoming litter colors, we can move your deposit to your other reservation and all your deposits will go towards the purchase of that puppy.
PLEASE KEEP THE FOLLOWING IN MIND WHEN MAKING YOUR DECISION: All puppies from our upcoming litters that are taken home or delivered in 2022 will have a price increase of $400 due to the rising costs of our expenses. With our nation's new administration, we have experienced rising gasoline prices, Vet costs, dog food prices, vaccines, utilities, and many other cost increases in our breeding program. That being said, we know that we will still be at least 35% to 50% lower in our prices than other breeders and pet stores across the U.S. The average price for a pure bred, AKC Golden Retriever puppy is currently between $3000 and $5000 (but don't take our word for it, we encourage you to talk to other breeders and shop around). We have been well below half that price in 2021 and with our price increase in 2022, we will still be 35% to 50% lower in our prices than other breeders and pet stores across the U.S.

If you would like to receive a refund of your Caramel litter puppy deposit rather than roll it over to the next Caramel litter or have it moved to your other puppy reservation, no problem. Please call us, then text, or email us and let us know in writing of your request for a refund.

If you were on our Standby waiting list for a male or female pup from Scarlett’s Spring/Summer 2021 litter, we will move you to the Standby list for her next litter due in the November/December time frame.

We would like to extend a very heart-felt apology for this news about Scarlett’s litter due in May, and even though we tried our best, some things are just beyond our control. We wish we had a better means to foretell the future so that we could offer a bit more certainty to our customers, but we just haven’t been able to find a reliable crystal ball to accomplish this. Emery-n-Denise’s Golden Puppies wishes to thank everyone for their patience with both us and Scarlett, and thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies!
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