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Update On Our October 2022 White Creamy Blonde Color Litter

Update On Our October 2022 White Creamy Blonde Color Litter

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October 22nd Update On Our White Creamy Blonde Color Litter:

Here is the news everyone has been waiting for regarding the birth of our recent White Creamy Blonde litter of pups. Esmarelda and Duke are the proud parents of 11 beautiful puppies, 6 boys and 5 girls. This is the largest litter of puppies Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies has ever had to offer and we are very thrilled to have such high quality Golden Retriever puppies to offer. All 11 pups are healthy, strong, and growing quickly. Momma is doing great and is doing a wonderful job of caring for her babies (she has very meticulous nouturing skills). We will be posting pictures of momma and her babies all together in the whelping box by September 29th. For those of you who've been anxiously awaiting this news on our Priority reservation list, you will be making your puppy choice starting Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, November 18th thru the 20th, you will be choosing your puppy either in person here at our facility or thru video chat with us and the puppies. The price of the all pups in this litter is $1800 based on our 2022 prices (click here for more info on 2022 puppy pricing). Please login to your customer account to see where you are in the choosing order because you could have moved up the list (we will never move anyone down lower on the list unless you tell us that you want to postpone until the next litter).

If you are on our Priority Reservation list for this litter, OR if you are interested in switching your reservation from one of our other upcoming litters that you happen to be on, OR if you don't have a reservation but are interested in adopting one of these pups, please get in touch with us by phone, text, or email to confirm two very important things:
  1. First let us know if you want to proceed with the purchase of one of these pups from the White Creamy Blonde litter, and that if you have other deposits on any other of our upcoming litters, that you want to cancel the other reservations and move those deposit to this White Creamy Blonde litter puppy purchase. OR if you already have a reservation for this White Creamy Blonde litter but cannot make a commitment to purchase a puppy from this litter, let us know that something has come up and you want wait for a future litter; in that case we will roll your deposit over to the next litter (deposit refunds are not allowed if you refuse a puppy that we offer to you from this current litter).
  2. Then if you are proceeding with a purchase from this White Creamy Blonde litter, please schedule your time to either drive out to our facility or have a video chat with us to see the pups either Fri, Sat, or Sun, Nov 18th thru the 20th. We will only accept one family at a time to see the pups and those that contact us the earliest will have more choices for a date and time to come out or video chat with us. If we haven't heard from those of you who have a reservation by Thursday evening, November 10th, we will call you for purchase confirmation and let you know what dates and times we have remaining. When you pick your specific puppy from this litter, you will be required to place an additional deposit so that the total amount of all your deposits is at least $1000 when the pups turn 5 weeks old, and this will all go toward your purchase price.
Please login to your customer account to confirm the date and time to come out and pick your puppy (Nov 18th, 19th & 20th)!

Those of you who were on our Standby list for this White Creamy Blonde litter will be contacted starting Monday, October 24th to see if you are still interested in having a puppy from this litter.

October 15th Update On Our White Creamy Blonde Color Litter:

On Saturday, October 15th, 2022, Esmarelda and Duke became the proud parents of their most recent White Creamy Blonde color litter of pups. There were no complications and mom and the pups are doing well. In one week on Saturday the 22nd, we will announce the number of male and female pups in this litter once we confirm all the pups are healthy and thriving. Then a week after that on the 29th, we will post photos on our website of Esmae in the whelping box with her pups so that everyone can enjoy and celebrate with us!

Please check your customer accounts starting on or about the 21st or 22nd of October to see the upcoming schedule for those of you who will be getting a puppy from this litter. These pups will be going quickly if Esmae's last litter is any indication of their popularity. Keep in mind that this will be a Christmas puppy litter since the takehome date will be on or after December 16th, 2022. We recommend getting on the reservation list quickly. We will announce the number of available males and females next weekend, on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022. So, check back then or inquire now! This will be our last litter to go home this year before the 2023 price increase.

Please check back in a week for the next update, and thanks to everyone for your patience!

Previous Litter from Esmae and Duke:

In January of 2022, we made a wonderful decision to breed one of our English White Cream Goldens with one of our American Light Blonde Goldens and the results are truly amazing! The Duke and Esmeralda gave birth to 7 pups on March 24th, 2022. We could not be happier with the combination of our sire and dam that we chose. These puppies will join their new families on or after May 27th, 2022. Since our Website has not yet been modified for this new color of Goldens we are calling White Creamy Blonde, we do not have a place yet to put photos of the sire, dam, and puppies. But we wanted to show videos of the puppies from this litter which we have taken at 8 weeks old. Below is a list of the videos we uploaded to YouTube. Click the one you want to view and enjoy!

Male Puppy No. 7251 - CRUZ
Male Puppy No. 7252 - REX
Male Puppy No. 7253 - BERNIE
Male Puppy No. 7254 - JASPER
Male Puppy No. 7255 - BANKS
Male Puppy No. 7256 - CHEVY
Female Puppy No. 7257 - AVA

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