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Updates on Our Upcoming Litters

Updates on Our Upcoming Litters

-Emery-n-Denise's Golden Puppies General Info   /   Jan 9th, 2022   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
Emery-n-Denise’s Golden PuppiesTM wishes to extend a prosperous New Year greetings to all of you on our waiting list as well as others who are interested in what’s happening with our different colors of upcoming litters for the first half of 2022. Below is an update on all of our upcoming litters, but first we want to explain some important considerations about breeding so we don’t mislead anyone:

With any breeder, it is difficult to know exactly what is going to happen once a female (the Dam) goes into heat and breeds with her male partner (the Sire). If all goes well with our Golden Sires and Dams, puppies will be born 63 days after conception. This is called the gestation period.

The heat cycle with our females comes twice a year and will last 21-28 days. During this time, the Sire and Dam will mate multiple times. Depending on the sexual drives and tendancies of both the Sire and Dam, sometimes mating will start early on and sometimes not until later in the cycle. The peak fertility period usually starts 7-10 days into the cycle and lasts for 3-4 days and is called the estrus stage of the heat cycle. This is the time when the female has the greatest chance of conceiving, and then the 63 day clock starts.

What breeders observe is the mating between an intended pair in what is often referred to as a “lock” between the Sire and the Dam. When the two are both ready this will occur multiple times over about a 3-7 day period, usually mid-way through the female’s heat cycle. Much of this depends a lot on the experience of the Sire and Dam, the female’s readiness and willingness, and the signals she gives to the male.

During the heat cycle, the female must be isolated very securely to prevent accidental mating with dogs other than the intended Sire. If an accidental mating occurs, it's a very huge problem and therefore the breeder must exercise extreme care and caution when a female's heat cycle begins. Once the heat cycle is over, everything returns to normal and the female is allowed to come out of isolation.

For about the first 50 days from conception, the female shows very little difference in her appearance. During the last 10 to 14 days, she begins to round out in her abdomen area and puts on weight as the puppies inside are growing and developing. A breeder gets very little indication of a successful mating until the female begins to change in appearance. But there are some subtle things that a breeder might notice such as: (1) a female’s loss of appetite about 2-3 weeks into the gestation period which then returns to normal after about a week; (2) the protrusion and elongation of a female’s teats which begins after the first half of the pregnancy, increasing more towards the end of the pregnancy; (3) a female’s showing of sensitivity, emotion, and neediness usually 2-3 weeks into the gestation period which continues until she whelps her pups; (4) a drop in the female’s body temperature by 3-4 degrees combined with a loss of appetite just 12-24 hours before delivery or whelping of her pups.

So for the breeder, many times there isn’t a lot to go on to know for sure if a female is carrying pups until the last 10-14 days of the pregnancy. And sometimes what complicates things is knowing whether the female is putting on weight because of the developing pups inside, or is putting on weight because a conscientious breeder is feeding the momma a little more food than normal to help provide nutrition for healthy development and growth of the pups inside. But if the Dam did not conceive, and has what is sometimes referred to as a false pregnancy, a breeder may see many of the signs listed in the previous paragraph, including the momma gaining weight and filling out a little, but there are no pups inside. This can happen the older a female gets and becomes less fertile.

So with all that in mind, here is an update on what we know about all of our upcoming litters of pups that are shown on the Puppy Availability Schedule on the main or home page of our website. We have listed the updates in the order of what we are projecting to occur the soonest, followed by the birth of the next litters:

Our Upcoming Darker Auburn Litter:
UPDATE: Willow whelped her litter of pups on Monday, Februray 14th, 2022. Click
HERE for more info.

Willow, our darker Auburn color female’s heat cycle began on November 27th. We observed locks between her and Rhett (our darker Auburn color male) between December 5th and 12th. If Willow conceived, we are projecting a whelping date between February 6th and February 13th. Willow is 8 and a half years old and may be nearing the end of her fertility stage in life. We cannot be sure she conceived but she is showing a few sign that give us hope. If she did conceive, it won’t be apparent until the last week in January at the earliest. This is why we are not taking any deposits for our upcoming Auburn color litters until Bridgette, our next Auburn color female is old enough to breed late in the Summer or Fall of 2022.

Our Upcoming Light Blonde Litter:
UPDATE: Arianna whelped her litter of pups on Friday, Februray 11th, 2022. Click
HERE for more info.

Arianna, our Light Blonde color female’s heat cycle began on November 28th. We observed locks between her and Oliver (our Light Blonde color male) between December 10th and 17th. If Arianna conceived, we are projecting a whelping date between February 8th and 15th. Arianna is 3 and a half years old and right in the prime of her fertility stage in life. We are not 100 percent sure she conceived but she is showing many of the signs and it’s looking pretty positive. If she has conceived as we believe, it will become apparent in late January or early February. When she carries pups, she gets huge and there is no mistaking of eating too much.

Our Upcoming White Cream Litter:
UPDATE: Duchess whelped her litter of pups on Sunday, Februray 20th, 2022. Click
HERE for more info.

Duchess, our White Cream color female’s heat cycle began on December 7th. We observed locks between her and Huxley (our White Cream color male) between December 19th and 24th. If Duchess conceived, we are projecting a whelping date between February 17th and 24th. Duchess is 6 years old and is still in her fertility stage of life. We can’t be 100 percent sure she conceived as of the time of this writing, but we’ve observed a few signs as mentioned above and we feel the chances are pretty good. If she did conceive as we believe, it will become apparent around the second week of February.

Our Upcoming Caramel Litter:
Scarlett, our medium Caramel color female had a recent litter of pups with Aramis (our lighter Caramel color male) on November 7th, 2021 which went home to their new owners on January 8th of 2022. We projected Scarlett’s next heat cycle to begin sometime in March or April of 2022 with a projected birth date in May or June. Please Click Here for an update on the status of that litter.

We will try to update these reports as we get more signs or indicators about each of the momma’s progress, but if we don’t say much, it’s because we haven’t seen anything to share. A warm and hearty thank you goes out to all those who are patiently waiting on one or more of the above upcoming litters, and while we can’t guarantee everyone will be getting a pup from these next litters, those that do we think will be very pleased.

Again, we want to emphasize that the best way to increase your chances of getting a puppy from one of our upcoming litters is to be in line for as many colors as you believe you could be happy to own and both genders if you don’t have a specific preference. If you are not at the top of the Priority list, being on several of our waiting lists for both genders will make it happen sooner for you. You won’t lose any deposits that you place unless you cancel completely. However, your deposits can always be used for a future litter if you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

Now, for those of you that are new to our website, and/or are not currently on one of our waiting lists, we recommend you to have a look at our Puppy Availability Schedule by clicking here. That table provides the information you are looking for on all of our upcoming litters showing how many people are already in line as well as the cost of the puppies on the far right-hand side of the table. The table has a left half (male reservations) and a right half (female reservations) and you may need to scroll the table left or right to see all the information. When you see words in the table like, "2 taken, 4 available", this means there are already 2 people on the waiting list for that litter color and gender. It means there are 4 more available spots in that Priority category. A deposit placed in that category would become the number 3 pick of that gender in that upcoming litter. We also recommend you to read our recent aricle, "Get to Know Emery and Denise" by clicking here. This will help you get to know us and before you place a deposit, call us because we want to get to know you! That article will help you score a lot of favorable points with us so that we can have confidence in the individuals and families that our puppies are going home to.

Thanks to everyone for considering
Emery-n-Denise’s Golden PuppiesTM.

P.S. Please feel free to respond to this posting by commenting below and let us know if this was helpful or TMI. We will take your comments to heart and try to fine tune our communication skills in the future.
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