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Willow and Beau are Expecting!

Willow and Beau are Expecting!

-Latest on Our Auburn Color Litters   /   Aug 11th, 2018   /   1 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
Willow is our female auburn color Golden and is currently carrying Beau's pups. Their mating period started near the end of June and lasted about 10 days. Beau is so sweet to Willow and let's her eat his food, and have her choice of chew treats. She is filling out quite nicely and we expect her pups near the end of this month (August). Their last litter was very adorable and Willow is such a doting mom. She keeps the pups very clean and the whelping box is always spotless. Willow is definitely a house dog and loves to be brushed and likes to lay on your lap and cuddle. She is a little jealioso towards Beau if we give Beau too much attention. But then, if we give Willow a lot of extra attention, Beau is right in there and so there is a bit of competition. Guess who usually wins? You got that right... Beau knows how to treat his woman to get what he wants. A real gentleman if I may say so!

Willows pups are expected to be around 5 weeks old the first week in October, which is when all of you who have placed your depositis will get to make your puppy choices. Then, the pups will be ready to join their new families the first weekend in November. Of course we don't have a crystal ball so all these projections may move up or be delayed by a week but that is what we are seeing at this point based on a normal gestation period of 63 days and another 63 days after that until old enough to join their new families.

We are excited about our upcoming auburn color Golden Retriever litter and we hope we will have plenty of boys and girls for all of you who are patiently waiting in line. Check back around September 5th and we should have plenty of good news for everyone! Thank you for considering Emery-n-Denise's Golden PuppiesTM

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  • When I talked to Emery Wednesday evening, I thought I wanted a Light Blond Male, but after reading and seeing your pictures, I want a Caramel Male!

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